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In January 2022, I spoke with the New Orleans Astrology MeetUp group about how I use horary astrology, an ancient divination technique that doesn’t require a birth chart. People often want to know about love and romance, business and finance, property concerns, health issues, fertility and pregnancy worries, and even lost items!  Learn about how to ask horary questions and what to expect in the video below.

How to Ask a Horary Question

Step 1. Decide the specific question that you want to ask.

The more specific it is, the better. Ideally, it is a question that is otherwise unanswerable, and consequential to your life. It really matters, and is not just something you’re curious about.  

If you have several questions that are important to you, ask the most important one first.

Don’t ask a question repeatedly.  If you’ve already asked this question to an astrologer/tarot reader/psychic or by any divination method, wait six months before you ask again.

Step 2. Wait a day, or a few days.

Unless your question is urgent, take some time to sit with your question.  If you’re a person who prays, pray about it. Reflect on the question and be certain that you want to know the answer.  

Step 3.  Ask me your burning question.

You will provide me with your contact information, background on the question, and payment when you book the service.

I will email an answer to you within 48 hours. If you have an urgent need, let me know and I’ll do my best to accomodate you.  

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