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Denise is a person I really value as a colleague and a practitioner. Her simultaneous no-nonsense and creative approach to delivering astrological advice is why she’s my go to for elections. Denise elected a time to move into my new apartment, and the space became a grounding sanctuary for me. I highly recommend her and I’m really impressed with the results of the election she gave to me. - Alyssia, Praxis Astrology

Denise prepared my natal chart and provided a complete view of interactions between my sun sign and the larger universe influencing my actions and pursuits. Trust her! - D.W.

Denise was so knowledgeable but more importantly passionate!  For a novice, I was intrigued by her ability to show and help me understand some past life trends as well as some things to look forward to in the future.  There was so much depth, I encouraged my husband to do a reading and Denise was able to show us specifics about our life journey - fascinating to see how our journeys were so connected in key areas! - Louise S.

Genuine, Knowledgeable, Professional and Patient - I am a natural skeptic and had a casual interest in astrology.  A mutual friend suggested I get my chart done and recommended Denise, which I am Very glad she did.  Denise was able to present my chart, explain it’s workings and answer my questions in an exciting and comfortable way that I could understand with an accuracy that impressed me to where I look forward to my annual reading and consultation; I was glad to hear she is now doing it professionally and sincerely recommend her services. - Raymond C.

Denise has been absolutely lovely to work with as I find a good day for my wedding.  I love how she’s seen certain elections as telling a story about our future marriage, and how she communicates that story. - Nora M.

Denise provided me with an incredible reading with detailed information I could use to plan out the next year. She is a skilled astrologer, a skilled reader of the chart, and she made sure she gave me opportunities to ask questions and provided me a recording of the reading to refer back to.  I’ve recommended her to other friends and they have also had strongly positive experiences.  Highly recommended!  - Ecoee R.

Denise provided me with a thorough and thought-provoking read.  Highly recommend.   - Sean C.

What a wonderful experience seeing my birth chart and seeing the planets positions the moment I was born. Fascinating and informative reading!   -Valerie B.

I wanted you to know that the timing for buying my house was just about spot on… Your consultation allowed me room to relax while things were hairy and have faith it would all happen!  - M.G.

Denise was awesome.  Was my first time reading my birth chart and she made it all really easy to understand.  Lots of information and pretty damn insightful.  - Brad C.

Denise Hancock was quick and efficient with my elections to adopt my very first cat. She clearly explained her mindset behind each election option she picked for me along with the pros and cons, and as someone who is an astrology student himself, I was very impressed with her optimizing within the timeframe I gave her. I have every intention of reaching out to Denise again for more elections.  - Christopher L.

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